Penon Draco

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Pure Silver Series : Draco Flagship HiFi Audiophile IEM Earphone Cable (Jade Limited Edtion)


  • Because the jade is limited to 50pcs, so there is serial number on the cable.


  • Natural Jade Configuration
  • 16 shares pure silver braied cable
  • Jade configuration
  • Carbon fiber material plug and spillter
  • Gold-plated plug
  • Cable weight is 49g

NOTE: Please use it carefully because jade is easily damaged by collision.


  • Penon Draco
  • Wooden case


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3 reviews for Penon Draco

  1. audio123

    “The Draco is a grandiose sounding cable that is able to provide a stronger bass expression, intimate midrange and crisp treble. The soundstage provides a holographic feeling. There is a tighter sound with greater punch. In addition, jade is used in the cable components. The Penon Draco has an engaging yet controlled display and it helps to enhance the overall sound.”

  2. domehuhu

    Paired extremely well with Tin P1

  3. Ridy

    Two thumbs up

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