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Penon Fiery Flagship Single Crystal Copper HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable

  • Material: 4 shares 19 cores high purity Single Crystal Copper
  • The solder joints is silver-contained tin
  • Carbon fiber metal splitter and slider
  • Length:1.2m
  • Weight:23g

5 reviews for Penon Fiery

  1. Alexey

    “Penon Fiery – convenient, beautiful and effective cable for sane money.
    This beautiful cable will definitely help to open your IEM, sound them in full force. Separately noted good performance cable, its convenience and luxury kit.
    Low frequencies gain better control, the lowest bass sounds more collected and accurate. Bass as a whole becomes faster, tangible, relief, texture drawing is improved.
    The mid-frequency range is served as neutral and detailed as possible. The middle becomes smoother, more vibrant and more physical. The sound is more timbre rich with better rendering of sound images.
    The high frequency range is clean, smooth, accurate and well articulated, with no obvious hints of brightness or distortion. Here everything is clear and natural…”
    My full review in Russian:

  2. Tony Pereira

    Amazing cable, supple without microphonics, great soundstage and music, the perfect partner for my BGVP DM6 in-ears.

  3. Justrest

    Sound of Fiery is smooth, soft yet detailed. It has typical copper cable sound character like prominent bass, slightly forward and bold mid frequencies and smooth upper frequencies. All together the vocals, the guitars, and drums are well textured without bleeding into one another.I like the new socket and jack design of the Fiery. In this price range Fiery is a really good cable and a very good option to other cables.

  4. Dsnuts

    Excellent capable higher end copper cable from Penon. Brings the best of copper. Warmth with impeccable imaging of the mids and smooth clean treble end. You can read more of my review on headfi

  5. Jose

    After testing the cable with different IEMS and Earbuds, I would recommend this cable for those who want to improve the level of dynamics, transparency, clarity and cleanness of the sound. But not only that, the separation as well as the level of resolution and definition also feel increased. All this without losing the musicality of the sound, which can be felt in the perception of the treble, the expressiveness of the bass and the expansion of the mid-range.

    Full review :

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