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Penon OS849 Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable

  • Type-4 Litz configuration
  • 6n single crystal copper silver-plated cable
  • Contained 8% silver, the thickness is 10μm,
  • 8 Cores, single core is 49 strands, a total of 8 × 49.
  • The plug contains 68% copper
  • The solder joints is silver –contained tin
  • Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider 
  • Sound field is very big and very natural
  • Cable length: 1.2M


  • Cable
  • Storage bag

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10 reviews for Penon OS849

  1. audio123

    The Penon OS849 is a flagship cable from Penon and it is able to deliver with a smooth and organic performance. The lows is particularly boosted and the top end is being controlled with finesse. This cable suits brighter sounding iems as it is able to add smoothness to the highs. The suppleness of the cable provides good usability to the user. Coupled with the craftsmanship, the OS849 is easily one of the recommended cables below 100 USD.

  2. Ryan Soo

    The OS849 is a fine cable that offers a very unique yet engaging tonality and very noticable technical upgrades over conventional manufacturer provided units and some similarly priced upgrade cables too. Penon also provide excellent build quality, not only of the cable itself but also the terminations that can play a large role in sound quality as part of the conducting path. Furthermore, the geometry of the cable is vastly impressive considering Penon’s asking price as is the very charming unboxing.

    More details here :

  3. Alex twister

    Penon OS849 cable perform more like a pure silver cable rather than SPC, perhaps explained by a higher percentage of silver plating.
    The sound improvement will vary depending on pair up, but OS849 consistent with a wider soundstage expansion in comparison to most of the stock OFC/SPC cables I tested it with and some other premium cables. Another improvement was in treble, with more sparkle and airiness and even improved detail retrieval without making sound too splashy or harsh. That is a problem with many cheap SPC wires that can introduce artificial brightness. Here, OS849 cable sound improvement was natural and under control.

    fully impressions

  4. Hans Barbarossa

    Penon OS849 Кабель действительно хорош. Признаюсь, я не ожидал, что с моими наушниками он даст столь положительный эффект. Конечно, в каждом конкретном случае результат будет зависеть от сочетания с Вашими наушниками, источниками звука и личными предпочтениями. В моем случае Penon отлично справился со всеми музыкальными жанрами. Одно я могу сказать точно: Penon OS849 лучше любого комплектного кабеля, который мне когда-либо приходилось иметь.

    More details , check here:

  5. burak uzun

    Both OS849 and GS849 are very successful cables in that price range. They have a unique sound character and it is easy to match with many earphones on the market. The material and workmanship quality are also very high , Also, both cables are more beautiful than many expensive cables.

  6. Alexandr

    Qualitatively made cable. Looks stylish, and durable. And most importantly, the Penon OS849 has a positive effect on sound.

    My review

  7. Paul Dmitryev

    OS849 is a great cable, it’s stylish, it’s comfortable, and it improves sound when it can be improved. Moreover, the most important, it’s affordable, compared with other TOTL cable makers.

    Pros – price, build quality, accessories set, packaging
    Cons – can’t think of any

  8. ross

    WOW the Quality is amazing, sonically the only thing is it recessed the Vocals, they have been pushed way back in the stage, every thing else has been improved, it is as all the reviewers have said.

  9. suman13867

    The OS849 is one of the best cable in the market for its asking price There are cables that don’t actually deliver,the OS849 delivers with better sharpness, details and stage size.
    The build quality of this cable is one of the best, better than some PS cables, more expensive than this.And the amount of accessories provided with this cable is mind blowing.

  10. Benj

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