Penon Neo

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Pure Silver Series : Neo HiFi Audiophile IEM Earphone Cable

  • Defined Bass, Excellent Clarity
  • 4 shares pure silver braied cable
  • Carbon fiber material plug and spillter
  • Gold-plated plug
  • Weight:15g


  • Penon Neo
  • Storage case
  • Pouch


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5 reviews for Penon Neo

  1. audio123

    “The Neo is an impressive silver cable that helps to improve the overall sonic performance by boosting clarity and presenting a higher level of definition. The bass is tight and articulate. The midrange takes on a leaner approach and is expressed in a livelier manner. The treble exhibits a good amount of sparkle. In addition, the cable is very soft and possesses a sleek look. The Penon Neo is a brilliant complement to warm sounding IEMs as it adds a touch of brightness.”

  2. Tony Pereira

    The perfect cable for my Custom Art FIBAE Black in-ears. The cable has no microphonics and listen to music is a dream, bass, highs, mids are on another level, a big step over the standard cable.

  3. Alexey

    Penon Neo is a convenient, beautiful and effective cable. It will definitely help uncover the sound of your headphones.
    Separately, I would like to mention a rich set, the highest performance of the cable and its convenience. If you need to replace the cable or want to get more from the existing headphones, then with a clear conscience I recommend Neo for purchase. He is good at everything and at the same time very accessible.
    NEO- Very good cable!
    I must say that this cable is able to present big surprises. Initially, I expected a transparent, lightweight, slightly bright, excessively detailed and “subtle” effect on the sound. But no, Thank you very much PENON for this!
    Unlike most silver wires, especially 4-core wires, the sound of headphones combined with Neo acquires, in addition to neutrality and purity, a fairly smooth and velvety shade, with a solid filling of sound images and an accurate massive transfer of a low-frequency register. There is no brightness and hints of sibilance, everything is clear, clean and as smooth as possible, but there is also balance and musicality.
    My full review in Russian:

  4. justrest

    Market price is going up in every new cable release and now good silver cable price is starting from 300USD to endless. Neo’s sound performance is great for its price and it has proved that you don’t have to spend lots of money for a silver cable. Of course, there are better silver cables out there but they are way expensive I’ve some serious question about their retail prices. If you want to upgrade your stock cable and looking for a good sound quality with reasonable price, just add the Neo in your list. Sounds great, looking great, price great. Also, its ergonomic material is super easy to wear it.

  5. Dsnuts

    Pure silver Neo brings excellent imaging. Transparency you can only get with silver, creates a deepening of the sound while giving you tighter more refined bass end. My review of the Neo here.

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