Penon Leo Plus

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Pure Silver Series : Leo Plus HiFi Audiophile IEM Earphone Cable

  • 8 strands gold-silver-palladium alloy wire, hand knitting.
  • Carefully selected gold – silver palladium alloy wire as the basis, exquisite hand weaving.
  • The conductor shielding’s anti-oxidation effect, high-transparent and bright wire sheath.
  • Carbon fiber material plug and splitter
  • 3-in-1 Detachable Plugs
  • 3.5mm audio/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced Gold-plated plugs
  • Gold-plated plug


  • Penon Leo plus
  • Storage bag
  • Pouch
  • Metal clip


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5 reviews for Penon Leo Plus

  1. Dsnuts

    A premium cable made with craftsmanship. High quality materials and parts make up a soft, pliable cable with minimum microphonics. Adds a wide stage, detail, extension, clarity and most importantly texture to the host IEM. Absolutely superb in every sense of the word. Read more here

  2. Edgar Barber

    This cable is so good omg.
    I have um mest and couldn’t find a decent cable for it. Until leo plus, it’s perfect bass is dynamic energetic but not boomy, highs are so detailed but without any harshness or fatigue

  3. Ehjie

    查看Penon Leo Plus
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. John

    I received my LEO PLUS cable today beautifully wrapped, packed and boxed. The presentation of LEO PLUS in the box is the best I have seen from any Audio product purchased before. Well done.
    The LEO PLUS cable looks and feels high quality and I am connecting to my earphones for listening.
    Quality and Service is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Mr. moose

    First-off, if your not sure about whether or not the Leo Plus is for your uses, I can tell you it actually works with all IEMs regardless of their intrinsic sound profile. here there is a kind of well rounded-ness mixed with detail that simply makes the Leo Plus the perfect upgrade from your run-of-the-mill cable. It widened the stage, smoothed out everything, created a boost in imaging and even gave the bass its own character. That sound was a midrange expansion combined with increased details and authority. The warmth of the OCC is bringing a deeper quality to the bass.

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