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Penon CS819 OCC & Silver-plated Mixed Braided HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable


  • OCC & silver-plated Mixed Braided IEM cable
  • 8 shares, single share is 19 cores, a total of 8 × 19
  • Silver carbon fiber alloy splitter, CNC integrated alloy slider
  • The solder joints is silver–contained tin
  • Copper Gold-plated plug
  • Cable length: 1.2M


  • Cable
  • Wooden case (only 1st bacth includes)

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9 reviews for Penon CS819

  1. Edward Van

    This cable is amazing for the asking price. After owning many high-end cables (200-800 usd) and a couples of interest in a cheap chinese aftermarket cables (as backup, experiences and experimentation) to finally learn to recognize the quality of a good cable which this one is and it is no slouch , stands out from the rest in this range (even the given accessories and packaging were professional setting them out the rest of cheap chinese makers, only to be recognized with any higher-end cable makers out there). As for sound, this cable makes the treble response alot smoother without overly warm also dull, maintaining just enough details. There is this sense of overall balance sound which makes me like it a lot more. I would recommend this cable to anyone out there searching for either backup or a starter upgrade cable. This cable should be priced at least 2 times its current price.

  2. audio123

    “The CS819 is a full sounding cable that is able to provide textured bass, intimate midrange and smooth treble. It expresses musicality well and creates a satisfying listen. In addition, it is braided nicely with good visual appeal. The Penon CS819 performs well beyond its price.”

  3. Evil-Scotsman

    I have both the OS849 and the CS819 cables.

    Both are of excellent build quality and both sound great.

    Although the CS819 is not as thick as the 849, it is the perfect thickness for everyday use and is also a very supple cable, similar to the iBasso iT01 cable but nicer.

    The photos on this website do not show how good the cable actually is, it is much nicer looking in real life.

    I could describe how it sounds, but I won’t as music is subjective and what I say, it might not be how you perceive it to be.

    I will say this though;

    Penon is a great Audio Company, one which has great after sales support and fast international delivery.

    Five stars *****

  4. Alexey

    “..The combination of copper and copper to putting silver in this concrete case leads to saturated, dense, thoroughbred sounding, with good study of low-frequency range, the live and detailed middle and a droplet to smoothed, but accurate high frequencies. As a result we receive the dynamic and organic picture with slightly warm pritemnenny background.

    Low frequencies strike with the depth and a pressure. They dominate over other frequency range a little, but without fanaticism, harmoniously working with the middle and high frequencies, not blocking them. The bass is deep, relief, soundly textured, gives to sounding a warm and analog shade.

    Mids is organic, detailed, with the good permission. Giving turns out layered and smooth, with original transfer of timbres. Voice parts, string and keyboard sound naturalistically. Each sound finds a corporal basis.

    High frequencies smooth and accurate. They are a little reserved, but are given rather precisely, in detail and naturally. Everything sounds purely and extraordinary comfortably that in turn disposes to long listening of favourite compositions…

    If you are in search of a cable for your favourite IEM for reasonable price, then here he, take, you won’t regret.”

    my review in Russian:

  5. Gökhan Aydin

    The improvement in sound quality, especially in the bass department and in terms of overall detail and resolution over the stock cables I have tested is very noticeable. I can recommend the CS819 those who want an improving in the sound quality, but also expect good workmanship and aesthetics for a relative reasonable price.

    check more :

  6. Alex

    Penon CS819 looks very good, and makes a positive change in the sound of IENs. Most of all I liked how CS819 play along with the bright hybrid IEMs.
    I recommend Penon CS819.

    My review

  7. Alessandro

    Me, I just owned few cables but beautiful one this really makes sparkle singing an already spacious and detailed audio gear as my Rose Mojito.
    A great piece of audio craftmanship.

  8. Andrey Kolesnik

    Дошел кабель за 2 недели. Качеством доволен. Не скажу что звук кардинально улучшился по сравнению со штатным (Campfire Audio Comet) но и отсебятины не вносит. А это для кабеля главный плюс!

  9. Phan Duy Nhất

    Perfect cable with cheap price
    So beautiful, soft but still strong performance inside, love it so much !!!

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